What does “earning 6, 7 or 8 figures income” mean?

It means what ever it is that they are doing…they are doing it well and they know what they are doing.

It means the number of digits in their annual income.

Change the word “figure” to “digit”

6 figure (6 digit) is anything about 100,000 dollars.
Easy right?

So someone who earns $100,000 would have a six-figure income.

Then someone who earns $10,000,000 would be 8-figure.
  • 6 Figures means more than 100,000
  • 7 Figures means more than 1,000,000   So anything over $1 million to 9,999,999 a year is a seven-figure salary,
  • 8 Figures means more than 10,000,000

Now, I know that it is the dream of everyone  to get a 6 figure earnings, LOL. I personally shoot for the 8 figures.

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